New Awards – Ocsar Edition

There are some changes going down with the OSCARS this year…

The popular movie award has become the talk of the town and some have even called it the Black Panther award. I believe that a new form of award is needed but the title of the award shouldn’t be about the popularity of the film.

In creating a new award how are the films within the category being chosen? Will there be public input? For a while I was trying to figure out what to call this award. In the end I came up with most Influential Film, but even this title still that doesn’t quite feel right.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 1.36.43 PM

As it relates to the movie Black Panther. In the past comic book films have been nominated for everything from Best Animated Feature (Big Hero 6) to Best Make-Up and Hairstyling. Although from what I’ve seen none have ever taken the best picture award home. This probably has to do with the story just falling short and not the hatred of comic movies and pop culture. As for what award season holds for Black Panther, I believe that Black Panther could be nominated for Best Picture. But it also really depends on the other films that have come out this year, will it hold its own against them? As of right now I can see it being nominated for ten categories and perhaps winning five (no contest).

Now the other thing they brought up was getting the timing down to three hours rather than four, plus. I did a little math and it seems nearly impossible I got it down to just under four hours with my new layout and then if you take an extreme cut to commercials I have it at just under three and a half.  I have changed the order of categories a bit from last years format, included commercial timing that may be a bit over the usual and included timing for additions and mistakes. Take a look:Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 1.47.33 PM


Agent Carter – Season Three

Here are just a few quick notes on what I think Agent Carter season three should be.

Many people believe that Captain America will die in Avengers Four but with that end, I believe Marvel should allow us a look at the beginning – meaning season three of Agent Carter and the creation of SHIELD.

In Captain America: Winter Soldier we take a trip to New Jersey and the base that was the beginning of SHIELD. That is were my idea for season three begins. Like Agent Carter was an inspiration to Steve, let Steve Rogers be an inspiration to the founding of SHIELD.

Season two of Agent Carter opened many doors and unknown storylines. It is believe that the presumed season three would have went quite dark and I believe it still needs to go there. The death of Jack Thompson and the file of M. Carter should be important to the story of course, especially in tying up loose ends. The introduction of this M.Carter file takes us back to World War II, where it all began. Season three would drag up all sorts of memories and not all of them are about Steve.

Here are a list of things that I believe should be covered in season three:

  • The death of Jack Thompson
  • The wrongs of Michael Carter
  • Operation Paperclip
  • Reintroduction of Arnim Zola
  • The beginning of SHIELD
  • The first Wall of Valor (Bucky Barnes)
  • Wishlist item: the return of Dottie Underwood

Side Note: I always felt, especially after the events of Captain America: Civil War, that Howard and Peggy may have had some suspicions that Bucky may have survived the fall. In reintroducing Arnim Zola there maybe ways to allude to this and perhaps them having suspicions of a “neo-Hydra.”

Hopefully I will get a chance to write a bit more about this later but for now I have to get back to Captain America: Winter Soldier!

Why I want to be a producer’s assistant…

For the last few years I have been working in the entertainment industry, focusing mostly in the art department. Over the last two years, during times of unemployment I have taken to looking for jobs outside the art department to get experience in producing or development.

During my current span of unemployment I began focusing on the why I was looking for something different.

My first real job was a bit crazy, it was a historical sci-fi drama and only had one PA for both the art department and set decoration department. Someone once said it was baptism by fire. I did all the normal stuff running errands, accounting, organizing and ordering lunch. There was also the one on one time I got to spend with the assistant art director. I drove him to set and helped him on location as needed. From time to time he would talk to me about maintaining relationships with those throughout the production especially those in the construction shop. I learned quite a bit about the design process from him but I learned more about building relationships.

As I moved to other shows my responsibilities grew in some ways but none were quite like that first job, at least until recently.

Working with the same people can be great especially when you plan to grow with the team. That was my plan when I began working with the people on my last show, a show in which I worked for three seasons. I had planned to adapt my experiences into a career as a draftsperson and later art director. That changed when I began using my attention to detail to truly assist them rather than being an extra set of hands sitting in the office.

On the most recent season I was “reassigned,” my focus was no longer the art department as a whole it was only the graphics department. My focus was these three people – to go to meetings with them, help them with scheduling, communicate with other departments and vendors; to make sure all their needs were met. One thing that was very different was the attending of production meetings. Attending production meetings steered my focus and I was exposed to a whole different side of production. This was what I wanted to do…well partially.

In wanting to switch from the art department to the production side of things I understand that I may need to start all over. That is part of the reason I am looking for a position as an assistant.

Part of what you do as an assistant is advocating for those you are assisting. I want to take what I have learned about the art department and what I would be learning about production and use it all. Production is currently going through two major changes. One is the #metoo movement and the other is the effect of streaming services. The fast paced world of television is being greatly effected by streaming service, so much so I have seen articles about union strikes. I’ve see how shooting a show for such a service uses the art department and I want to use that knowledge in production.

I know I have much to learn and am looking for any opportunity to put my skills to use and learn others. I want to be a producer but on my way to that I want to be a producer’s assistant and learn all I can.


Realities Merge

(a continuation of my Spider-Gwen TV show proposal)

Since writing my post last week about introducing Spider-Gwen into the MCU there was more I wanted to explore. The one that stuck out was being able to give Hayley Atwell’s Agent Carter her do. The idea kept growing from just introducing a version of Peggy without Alzheimer’s then to “Captain Carter”. A piece of fanfic I read jumped in, it was about Peggy volunteering for a similar serum program, and it really wouldn’t work with were I was going but the idea of giving Peggy the serum  was important.  I wanted it all and of course the ideas kept flowing so I thought I should write it all down and share.

I want to say I was inspired greatly by already written versions of “Captain Carter” and Spider-Gwen but I still haven’t made it through all that source material, I’m painting with very broad strokes and the general ideas of these characters.

Please note that these ideas are still very rough and I’m still working out some of the details. Consider this a rough draft of my character development.

I’ll start with the one that began this crazy idea:

Gwen Stacy – Unknown Reality #1 (not of Earth 65) – Gwen is a twenty-something who has had her superpowers for at least 5 years. Events of her Earth have never been simple but they have also never reached the extremes seen in A3 and the future A4.

  • THE BITE – Gwen gained her powers when she was a junior in high school and was interning with Parker Industries. The spider that bit her was a part of a defunct project that Richard Parker had been working on in the late nineties. Unknown to him during a break-in, corporate espionage orchestrated by a struggling OsCorp, their inclosure had been damaged and a single female spider was able to escape. This spider do to exposure to radiation, vita-rays and other things was able to survive over fifteen years and bite Gwen.
    • Gwen was interning with Parker Industries in hopes of gain one of their prestigious and heavily sought after STEM scholarships.  She did not get a scholarship from Parker Industries.
  • THE BEST FRIEND – Gwen being proactive began looking into college programs when she was only a sophomore. It was during the summer between her sophomore and junior year that she meet Princess Shuri of Wakanda. They where both touring [unknown] University to see what the science programs were like. Although unlike Gwen, Shuri would be attending that coming winter.
    • Princess Shuri unlike her brother was not destined to run a kingdom, like those before her it was thought that she would stay in Wakanda and learn from her people. As she approached school age her parents realized that she could not be confined to Wakanda. She attended multiple schools and graduated “high school” at 13. She returned to Wakanda for a brief time before choosing to further her education. At the age of fifteen, Princess Shuri was exploring the best schools to further her scientific expertise.
    • Princess Shuri and Gwen because fast friends on that summer tour and that friendship continued to grow when Shuri chose to study in New York.
    • Princess Shuri and Gwen have a unique bond that goes beyond science. Both have parents that were dedicated to their people, Shuri’s father was of course King of Wakanda and Gwen’s father was the Chief of Police. They also had a unique sense of fashion, incorporating bold colors and unique hairstyles into their everyday life. The only thing they really disagreed on was there chose of music.
    • Princess Shuri was the first person who new about the spider bite and its outcome.
      • Shuri was the one to help Gwen create her first super suit!

Agent Margaret ‘Peggy’ Carter – Unknown Reality # 2 – Technically she is over a hundred years old.

Peggy Carter’s beginning is very similar to that of the one in the MCU but after the war that’s where things change…

  • HOWARD STARK – Howard Stark was more involved in creating the super soldier serum than anyone realized. After seeing what happened to Steve Rogers and the army wanting to recreate it so badly create more Howard chose to not inform them of that detail. Howard of course chose to continue developing the serum on his own later but that was for a while different reason.
  • AFTER THE WAR – Peggy worked for the SSR until Howard Stark and Colonel Phillips were charged with developing a unit designed to not only fight for America defending it in anyway possible. ((The organization was originally called SHIELD but that change when Hydra was rooted out after the fall of the Iron Curtain.)
  • LOSING HER MIND – After a particularly trying case Howard noticed that Peggy was have cognitive difficulties. It wasn’t something anyone else would have noticed but Howard did. At first he thought she was tired and over worked, but he continued to observe her. Her symptoms seem to progress, it was less than a month later when Howard heard she pulled herself from the field.  That was when Howard thought it was time to talk to Peggy about the serum. Howard told Peggy he had been able to recreate the serum when the Army couldn’t and that he thought if anyone should use it it should be her. Peggy knew he had been the only one to see her struggling. Howard was her best friend, well him and Jarvis.
    • Edwin Javis and his wife Ana although good friend of Howard Stark, that indeed did work for him for a time were also an important part of the development of SHIELD. Ana was uniquely suited in talent requisition and lifesaving fashion choices. Edwin on the other had was a rather strange chameleon.
  • THE SERUM – After speaking about the serum Howard spoke of keying it only to her cognitive abilities. It was a strange urge to be close to Steve again that caused her to say no to the changes, we know how the serum works unchanged lets not tempt fate. The serum that Peggy took was just different enough from the original that no real signs of change were seen until much later.
    •  Even after he died Steve managed to change her life over and over again. Her being frozen in time though had a bit more to do with his best friend that him. In 1956, about 2 years after she had taken the serum, Bucky Barnes reappeared in her life.
    • She was with Howard and his new wife Maria. They were celebrating Howard and Maria’s return, from a three month long honeymoon, when a bomb went off in the restaurant. Howard refused to stay and comply with the police officers that arrive on scene. Peggy, still working for SHIELD at the time, told the police that she would take them to the station in the morning.
    • Howard live quite a bit outside of the city. They drive was what many would call “taking the scenic route” and there were deep green forests of either side of the road. It was on their ride back to Howard’s home that they were attacked. They were driven off the road, the car hit a tree and Maria was left unconscious. Howard checked her pulse, then looked to find Peggy. She was no longer behind him, the hit had caused her to slide to the opposite side of the car and slam her head into the window. Her head was bleeding but as she was shaking the hit off an arm reached in and pulled Howard from the car. That arm belong to the Winter Soldier.
    • Serum Activation – Originally the only thing the serum did was fix what was early onset Alzheimer’s. When Peggy needed to defend, not herself but, Howard and Maria that is when the other changes began. Unlike Steven there was no need for growth or development, Peggy was both strong and healthy, the serum just enhanced that. Over the last few years it had lay dormant and was activated by her protective instincts.  (Bucky Barnes was again key in creating Captain America.)
    • Peggy was able to defend Howard and Maria long enough for more help to arrive. Almost evenly match the Winter Soldier had to flee before his mission was finished. As car approached Peggy threw one last punch knocking his mask from his face, revealing a ghost from the past. Before he could flee his mask fell away, both Peggy and Howard got a good look at him. As he entered the tree line Peggy called out to him, he turned slight recognition in his eyes and then continued on.
    • Attacks from the Winter Soldier had stopped and it was puzzling the intelligence community. It took them about a year but they found him in a small forest village in Germany. Bucky had never gone back to where he had come from. The night that he had been recognized changed everything. Originally he was going to meet “his” team and regroup but flashes of faces and events changed that. His name and recognizing Peggy and Howard broke through the programing, at least partially. He remembered somethings more than others. He remembered the fall from the train and a hospital bed. He remembered hearing words and then cloudiness, painful cloudiness. Peggy and Howard knew exactly who he was, James Buchanan Barnes their friend and a former prisoner of war that need their help.
    • THE CHOICE – Science was not up to fixing Bucky Barnes in the 1950s. He could not live a normal life. Therapy and understanding what happened to Bucky continued and Howard could not figure out how to “deprogram” him. Technology of time could not meet his needs. It about a year after finding Bucky that he began developing cryo-tech. One of Bucky’s memories of being held and possibly frozen inspired it and Howard proved that Bucky could survive it for years if necessary. A cryo-chamber was built just for him, at least only building one was the plan. Peggy asked for another to be built for her, that is if she could survive. Howard didn’t understand but Bucky did. Peggy like Steven and himself was an orphan. She had lost her brother during the war and her father had dies soon after. Peggy and her mother were not on speaking terms mostly she didn’t understand how her month could completely shut down with the loss of her son and not live for the family she had. They had never gotten alone but that was the final straw. As far as she was concerned she was an orphan. The closest thing she had to family was the commandos and Howard. Bucky was one of those commandos, the one she had the closest relationship with other than Steve. Bucky was her family and she would go where he did. They could do anything together. At first Bucky protested thought she should continue her work with SHIELD, with Howard. But then he realized that the night he back up in their lives to much had changed.
  • THE FUTURE – The death of Howard came as a shock to all those that knew him, mostly because it wasn’t a heart attack like the news reported. He was murdered. He had retired and was living his best life in upstate New York with Maria. She was visiting their son Tony in the city when it happened. It was Tony’s instruments that alerted him to his father’s situation. Howard didn’t want any major tech in the New York Estate, but he was willing to try out one of Tony’s new monitoring devices. A chip was inserted under the skin to monitor all of not only Howard’s but Maria’s health. It was this chip that alerted Tony to the stress on his father’s heart. He sent help as soon as he could but it was to late. Howard was found in the garage with signs of torture.
  • RESURECTION – When Howard Stark’s heart stopped beating a emergency message was sent to Tony. Trying to figure out why his father was attacked he chose to ignore it at first. He was focused on what was going on around him. Less then a day later he received another. Then a third less than twelve hours after the second. It was like a count down. Tony finally sat down and read the email. It was from his father. It explained how the stories he used to tell Tony about a frozen man and woman traveling to the future were true. That Jimmy and Maggie were actually Bucky Barnes and Peggy Carter. That he had to find them before someone else did, that Peggy would begin “defrosting” fifty-four hours after his death. That she was to wake up to protect Bucky because if he, Howard, didn’t “defrost” them or pass the reigns to Tony something was wrong. Tony found them just as Peggy was opening his eyes.
  • “You must be Tony” – After Peggy got her bearings before Tony could even address her she spoke. “You must be Tony.” He was shocked that she knew who he was. “You look just like Howard, except you have your mother’s nose and I can see her a bit in your eyes too.” How she knew who he was surprised Tony he knew he looked like his father but he wasn’t born until six years after they were frozen. “Howard used to talk about you, before you were even a real thought. It was like he could see you, your future. He had a name picked out and everything. Tony. Anthony Stark. He didn’t have any idea what he wanted you to have for a middle name though.” “Anthony Edward Carter Stark. Mom and him compromised. Mom wanted it to be Howard but Mr. Jarvis, Edwin, was his best friend.” “And Carter?” “I had no idea until now.”
  • BROOKLYN – It was decided to wake Bucky even without a plan. Tony would begin developing a deprograming-program as soon as he was awake. A house was setup for Peggy and Bucky in Brooklyn. Surrounded by hipsters no one would pay any mind to the new eccentrics in town. It was less than a month later that Tony had a breakthrough and had Bucky in the lab. It was also around this time that Steve Rogers was found in the arctic. SHIELD had been called in but Tony said that he would take care of Steve. He would manage his health until he could be defrosted. When Steve woke up, Bucky was the one by his side. His mind was his own. Peggy was across town with Tony in the lab. When the phone rang it was Peggy that answered, she heard Bucky say that Steve was awake. Peggy started to say “I’ll be right there” but the first words barely left her mouth before she disappeared. Bucky heard Tony shout her name. Bucky didn’t want to cause Steve any panic called out to Tony instead of Peggy on the phone. When Tony finally responded all he could say was “She vanished, disappeared. Blinked away.” Then the phone went dead.
  • Peggy disappearing causes a unique ripple. Tony and Bucky try and figure out where she disappeared to, but events like the appearance of Thor and finding Captain America frozen in Arctic ice change things. It is also the beginning of Tony’s Iron Man journey. This Tony’s journey revolves in the resurrection of Hydra and it all goes back to the death of Howard Stark.
  • One major difference between the origin of MCU’s Peggy and this alternate realty was inspired by Hayley Atwell it at least the information on IMDb that says she’s a dual citizen of the UK and US. 


The MCU is actually very well travelled. Looking back at the locations of most of the movies many of them take place outside of the US. But unless they are specifically New York, Wakanda, Asgard, or Sakaar the location has rarely been a character to the story. I spent a year in London and it always felt like home. When this Gwen was out of place I wanted to give her a place that was very different than Queens but she could still feel at home in. Although not yet seen in this story development, I hope that London is able to achieve character status like New York has with many other Marvel stories.


There is something about the introduction of alternate realities into the MCU that I think is important, it’s the allowance of current character introduction and necessary redesign/development. With characters like Peggy Carter’s Captain America hitting the page there has to be unique opportunities created in the MCU to introduce such characters and their strong storylines because even ten years ago ideas like this we’re nonexistent and unplanned. Alternate realities are a challenge anyway you look at it but they also give fans a unique opportunity to experience other characters that would be hidden in pages. The story that is currently floating around my head fits into the MCU to a point but it also lets characters develop away from that. In my mind, unless there is amazing story development and a fan base that craves more, the stories of a Spider-Gwen and Captain Carter in the MCU don’t have to last more than a season whether that’s six episode or twenty-two no one knows because it not a really tv show…yet!

Girls need heroes – Spider-Gwen a TV Show (Idea)

About a month ago I fell down a bit of a Marvel blackhole. Reading articles, watching movies and even admiring a few of my favorites. In the process ideas have been bouncing in and out of my head, one such idea was the possibility of a Spider-Gwen TV show that fits within the MCU.

Now you might ask how is that possible…well…with the introduction of all the infinity stones anything is possible.

In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos uses the stones to disappear half of all beings. I refuse to say die because I don’t think they are truly dead – their reality has just been altered. That being said no one is perfect especially Thanos, this means that events of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 could have more that just the lasting effects we are shown or will be shown in the films.

Imagine this:

The events of Infinity War disrupted reality more than anyone realized – this caused, for just a moment, multiple realities to overlap. When the realities “bounced” back there were a number of people were displaced. One of these people was a young lady named Gwen Stacy also known as Spider-Gwen.

In mid swing Spider-Gwen disappears from Queens (AR). Her reflexes barely save her as she flips and launches a web at the closest building. She lands, sprints into an alley way and removes her mask. Wiping her face, she trying to get a sense of what happened. Panic gets the better of her, not something that happens often and she begins freaking out. In her rather quiet tantrum of panic, she kicks a newspaper. It is revealed that she is in London (Newspaper: London Daily News). 

This television show, that I’m pitching isn’t an origin story. It is the story of someone out of place. In this show Gwen Stacy is twenty-something and she has had her superpowers for a few years. In her reality she has fought her own big bad and even teamed up with some super friends.

In dreaming up ideas one of my favorite ways to get Gwen on her feet was by introducing her to a former but new friend, Princess Shuri. Something like this:

Being out of place is nothing new for Gwen Stacy but not having access to her tech is a little disconcerting.

The newspaper, she kicked, catches her eye. The headline reads “Wakanda Center for Math and Sciences opening!”

Gwen removes her hood and sleeves trying to make her outfit a little less superhero. ‘Thank god for that recent design change!’  She now looks like she is wearing a tight black strapless “jumpsuit”. ‘Something more presentable for an opening wouldn’t you say?’

The Wakanda Center for Math and Sciences opening event is private but Gwen is able to casually walk in. She spots Princess Shuri making her rounds, shaking hands and discussing the success of the center she opened in Oakland just last year. Gwen is able to get quite close to Shuri but trying to get her attention unknowingly attracts Shuri’s guards. There is no recognition on Shuri’s face. ‘What’s going on?’ Gwen not wanting to cause trouble tries to walk away but her behavior has already flagged the guards and they are on approach. Gwen is quietly escorted away. (Next… Gwen must plead her case.)

Above is just a possible beginning to the story of ‘Gwen Stacy a 20-something who was bit by a radioactive spider and now finds herself out of place.’ Season one would be something of an experiment. As much as it is important for superheroes to fight crime, it is also important for a person to know their value. Gwen Stacy being out of place has to find herself in this world she doesn’t really know. Her friends aren’t her friends and all her relationships have to start from scratch. This story uniquely allows for discussions of mental health, immigration, and superhero/vigilante policies in other countries. With Spider-Gwen being a relatively new character there is so much that can be created.

(This idea also depends on the arc that Spider-Man is on. Will we see Gwen Stacy in the future?)


A prequel trilogy…the beginning of SHIELD

So your having trouble finding a network for an Agent Carter reboot… I have a solution.

A three movie series that covers the beginning of everything. So here’s a rough cut of what I was thinking…

The first movie would focus on the end of the war and the Howling Commandos. There are really two ways to go about thrilling their story. The first is about the full team, minus Bucky. Chris Evans has said he would love to go back and do more if Cap in the forties, if that’s true the best point to start would probably be just after Bucky dies and end before Cap’s final battle. This would give you a unique opportunity to see how the team worked as a unit and expand on the relationships. There was one episode where the Commandos were on Agent Carter and we learned that she was in the field more than anyone imagined. It would be awesome to reinforce the relationship. Now if Evans doesn’t want to partake in the awesomeness, there are so many different stories to venture into. After Cap died the Commandos and Peggy continued to dismantle Hydra. The story would start there. The end of the movie would end with her being sent home and that would be were the first two season of Agent Carter would fit in.

The second film would revolve around Agent Carter. At the end of the tv series we were left with so many questions. The one that stands out of course was “who killed xxxxx?”. The movie would answer those questions along with expanding on another secret organization pulling strings.

The third film would be the founding of SHIELD. This one would include a few of the Commandos and Peggy but there is so much about Howard we don’t know and he would be weaving everything together. We know he can be a womanizing pig but there is so much more to him.

Oh and there are of course the end credit scenes and they would just have to take a better look at Jarvis and Dottie, maybe even Angie. Or maybe how Howard meet Tony’s mom!

Okay so I know that is very rough but these movies could also branch into current and future movies. Here are a few other thoughts.

  • Connections – Dottie and Black Widow – Dottie was in a precarious position when we last saw her but she never gave up he spy ways. Perhaps she is part of the reason Natasha defected. This connection could play well in a future Black Widow movie whether they decide to do an origin story or a story within the timeline has yet to be determined.
  • Connections – Spider-Man Homecoming – we all know the principal of Peter’s school is the grandson of one of the Howling Commandos. A movie like this could explain how his grandfather survived the war and how he actually inspired him to become a teacher.
  • People love period pieces. As much as futuristic, sci-fi movies remove us from reality jumping into the past does something similar.
  • Agent Carter fans were ripped from their hero too soon.
  • There is a renewed interest in Agent Carter, especially in the comics where they have made her Captain America or Captain Carter.
  • On that note depending on the outcome of A4 reality could change dramatically. This means that we can either have an altered reality or the introduction of alternate universes. I understand they have been mentioned before in Dr Strange but never explored. Maybe we could actually get a Captain Carter and she could be the true beginning of this prequel series.
  • The truth is we just need more Hayley Atwell!


So I watched Roseanne last night and I really have mixed feelings about it.

They tried too hard to get back what they had and the live audience didn’t help. I understand wanting it to be like the good old days but a closed set and better improv probably would have been better.

I have read reviews this morning love and hating Roseanne the character and the actor. One such review called her a bad person, a racist fear monger. I can see how that could be true. But like the show did for us many years ago; talking about current events, political views and family values exposing us to alternate view maybe exposing the actors to multiple sides of the argument may be important as well.

I wish they waited. DJ’s story is kind of understandable. But Darlene and David were such a huge part of the show. I understand Johnny Galecki is still working on Big Bang and a few other projects but he really is a key missing piece. As for Becky, they still haven’t covered what happened to Mark, and I understand his absence from the show because the actor who played him died, but did she really have to be so Roseanne? Meaning that she never went to college and stayed near home working minimum wage jobs? In fact was Becky being in the pilot at all even really important? By the end of the original series she was rarely around. I understand some of this will be explained later but it just seemed a little crowded.

They could have done the show without Roseanne. At the end of the original run it is shown that Roseanne is the one that wrote everything. But they could have done something interesting in this knew series were Roseanne was the one who died and Dan is the one that is writing his happily ever after.

The relationship between Roseanne and Jackie is almost perfect.

I think I liked everyone better when they were fat! But I’ll have to see what happens.